Sweet Potatoes in a Cold Frame

What to grow once you've built one
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Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:42 pm

A friend gave me a sweet potato from her 2018 harvest in early May 2019. I put it is water and waited and waited for it to sprout. After much waiting, I finally transplanted to pots and yesterday put them in the raised bed (aka a cold frame without the windows on top ;) ).
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I have not found any information about growing sweet potatoes in a cold frame so this is a bit of an experiment. (These are not the vine-spread-everywhere-type of sweet potatoes, BTW -- they are a bush variety.

I figure since a cold frame extends the season and I am getting a late start with these plants, it should give me another month to hopefully get a harvest.

I will post pictures of progress along the way! Stay tuned...
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